Managing a successful cleaning organization such as a Public School Education custodial/cleaning department, requires hard work, dedication, and perhaps most importantly, a thorough understanding of the customer service requirements. It is necessary, therefore to manage your school district in a manner that is predicted on ensuring quality, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

The USCMA-Cleaning Industry Management Standard is designed to assist Public Education School Cleaning Departments in setting up a management system that allows a school district to meet such goals. In essence, the Standard should be thought of as a management framework that can be used to develop customer-centered, quality organization.

Compliance with the Standard is dependent on a dedication to quality and meeting Public Education cleaning requirements and is based on universally accepted management principles that are the hallmarks of successful organizations. Further, compliance with the Standard is undeniably achievable by all Public Education Custodial Services, regardless of size and sophistication. In fact, the Standard was developed in conjunction of other true based processes to ensure that it is applicable to Custodial Services representing all segments in Public Education.

One of the most important features of the USCMA-CIMS program is that it is non-prescriptive and is based on management principles that have proven to be primary characteristics of quality, and customer oriented. The Standard therefore, does not require, recommend or otherwise endorse any particular process or product; it allows each school district flexibility in choosing the most effective ways in which to meet their management requirements.

The CIMS provisions have been intentionally designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible and as mentioned above, applicable to all Public Education Custodial Services from the largest school districts to the smallest school districts. Ultimately, it is designed to assist cleaning in Public Education Custodial Services in developing customer centered quality and to guide all school districts in managing their businesses in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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