History of the Utah School Custodial Managers Association

In of 2007, a private group solicited the state legislature asking that all public schools statewide have a standardize operating system implemented for custodial services.  That summer, LaMar Wanberg of Jordan School District, Kim Walker of Alpine School District and Mike Hepner of USEA met to discuss the proposed legislation.  A plan was laid to call together all Custodial Managers from around the state to discuss the proposed legislation and the possible negative ramifications thereof.

In August 2007, a meeting was held at the USEA offices and all district level Custodial Managers in the state were invited.   Presentations were made regarding the possible legislation and the threat it posed to custodial services.  It was then propose that an organization for school district Custodial Managers should be formed so that we could affect our own destiny.  The organization would be designed to help each other become more in line with the national CIMS standard for cleaning.  The organization would also provide all participants a greater opportunity to network with each other and find the “Best Practices” for making our departments more efficient.

USCMA was born!

USCMA Bylaws revision 2016

Past Presidents

Boyd Harris, Weber School District 2015-2017
Todd Muir, Canyons School District 2013-2015
Mervin Brewer, Salt Lake School District 2011-2013
Kim Walker, Alpine School District 2007-2011